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Southern Soy

Hand Poured Sophisticated Scents Inspired by the South

Established in Athens, Georgia, Little Light Co. is an all natural, hand-poured candle company that designs sophisticated scents and products. Founder & CEO of Soy Beth Hughes creates the distinctive scents in her Georgia home, inspired by the natural surroundings of the South. The Signature Collection includes Honeysuckle, Porch Swing, Clothes Pin, Ginkgo, Shoo Fly, Longleaf Pine, Marmalade and the very popular Lavender & Lace. In addition to the retail products, Little Light Co. has an exclusive refill option. The Milkglass Collection is also quite darling and unique. Soy candle sets are available for Weddings and Corporate Gifts, we know its the little things that matter most.

These hand-crafted candles are 100% all natural and hypo-allergenic made with select soy wax and blended with coconut oil. Premium essential oils and botanicals are added to each artisan batch. These lotion candles are a true emollient. 

Enjoy Watching our Little Brand Story Below

Credit: DT Productions, Athens, GA & Jack Boring 




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